Vasilisa the Beautiful by Ivan Billiban

A classic print by 20th-century illustrator Ivan Billiban (1876-1942), whose works were often inspired by Slavic folklore.This illustration depicts a scene from the fairy tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful," originally arranged by Russian folklorist Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev (1826-1871).The tale focuses on a merchant's daughter named Vasilisa the Beautiful whose mother, on her deathbed, gave Vasilisa a doll with the instructions to give it a little food and water in times of need, and it would help her.Later, the merchant remarries a woman with two daughters of her own, and Vasilisa's new stepmother is very cruel to her. She even prohibits young men from courting Vasilisa, because it was improper for the younger to marry before the older, but nobody wanted to marry the older stepsisters.One day the merchant goes on a long journey, and the stepmother sells the house and moves all of them into a gloomy forest. In this forest, Vasilisa eventually comes across the hut of Baba Yaga, which stood on chicken legs and was fenced in with human bones. After the setting of the sun, the eye sockets of the skulls would glow. It is this scene which is here illustrated.

Includes a border on all sides to allow for matting and framing.