Figures on the Beach

Probably painted in 1890 on the Cote d'Azur in southern France, this sun-filled painting shows two female figures at the beach. The seated figure is shown in profile her right hand holding a parasol on the sand. She exchanges a look with the standing figure to her right who holds a basket at her side. The women are joined by a small white dog and before the water stands a young boy dressed in blue seemingly throwing an object into the ocean. The standing figure serves as a vertical force which connects the horizontally banded foreground water and sky. The women appear carefree and neither at work nor in the presence of men. Painted later in Renoir's career a period at which point the artist expressed skepticism of industrialism and machines this quiet seascape pays homage to the resplendent beauty of what is ordinary and simple.

Includes a border on all sides to allow for matting and framing.